Welcome to our softplay area

    Facilities include:

    Play Frames

    Ball Pool

    Astro Turf Football Pitch

    Various Slides

    Climbing Tubes

    Climbing Walls

    There is also a separate baby and toddler zone with equipment for little ones.


    Pre booking is now essential.

    Unfortunately not, we now run a booking system therefore need to follow these timings. We are trying to keep consistent and fair for all customers of Loopty Lous therefore all customers pay and receive the same amount of  time unless they’ve booked a double session.

    Yes should there be availability this is not problem ask at desk or go online and book a further session, we will try keep you on the same table.

    Yes this is the total time of your session start to finish therefore please order food and drinks accordingly from the café giving yourselves time to finish what you have ordered.

    No apart from being a business that relies highly on our café, we think it’s important to keep things fair for our customers who use our café therefore no food or drink permitted unless bought from Loopty lous. Only baby food or baby milk will be allowed.

    No unfortunately not even though this is just “water”, we think it very unfair to paying customers of our café if some tables have flask some with water, some with squash, whilst others have followed instruction and bought drinks from café.  Therefore to keep everything consistent and fair we ask no personal flasks or bottles to be taken into the soft play. We can provide a cup of tap water should this be required. You will be asked to leave this at the desk for collection on your way out, best you just don’t take them in.

    No  balloons or decorations are allowed within the main hall, only in the party room therefore only when you have a party booked and using the party room.  You may take in a small cake should you have arranged this prior to coming.

    Yes, if your child needs assistance then yeah limited to one adult per child during very busy times.

    Absolutely and if you are not wearing socks can be purchased from the café till.

    Yes as long as it is only of your child and absolutely no other children are present even in the back ground.

    No, children must have a parent/guardian present and supervising at all times.

    Yes, we would advise to book this prior to arrival as we cannot guarantee availability on the day. We  understand it might be a last minute decision so no harm on asking at desk or going online and trying to book. If you let us know we will try keep you on the same table for both sessions.

    Contact us prior to the booking date either by email or messenger, let us know the booking references number and we will try our best to arrange,  although this is not always guaranteed.

    Should you wish to add on a person to your booking please contact us either messenger or email, we will add on if possible and send a link for payment which is to be completed before your booked session.

    Yes that’s correct, although you may add on an extra person or 2 especially  if you have babies under 1. Always book  for the children playing and if you have an extra adult(s) that wasn’t on the booking you can pay at the door. There will only be 8 seats though and we cannot allow any more than 2 extra on the 8 seater table.

    Ideally we need to know exact capacity in building although we have room for slight  manoeuvre in cases  like above. We would prefer you  to book the infant through the system but should there be an occasion there is no tables available to accommodate your party size including the pram  but there is perhaps  a smaller table we would be happy for you to just take the pram along in that case.

    For special events we have a large party room that can be privately hired for a number of different occasions

    Unit 12 Buchan Braes
    Station Avenue
    AB42 3AR

    01779 476621

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